Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Android Games made using Construct 2 powered by Ludei

Here's some game I create with Construct 2 game engine by Scirra (HTML5) and I use Ludei compiler to make *.APK. Making games with Construct 2 is easy to use and fast way to developing games.
You can make any games specially in 2d games such platform and casual games.

I like retro/platform/2d scrolling games type and I choose Construct 2, cause it's easy to learn also
you can learn in many tutorial and ask about making games Construct 2 in Scirra Forum.

You can visit this page to see some example how to make games in Construct 2.

For more infomartion about Scirra and Ludei you can go to the official website.

( HTML5 game maker - Drag & Drop event sheet / script system )

( HTML5 game APK Compiler - online )

Below is my games made in Construct 2 powered by Ludei.
Feel free to download and play my games. Thank you. :)


True Ninja must find his way back to found what's the valuable thing.
"There's are not important to me, everything is important."
Ninja Boy is a ninja chibi action game with superb and
amazing soundtrack by TeknoAXE (royalty free music)
Help Ninja to found the 5 star to clear the stages and help ninja to
avoid or destroy the enemy. Ninja will faces the Boss in last stage.
Found your way and help Ninja to faces the obstacle in every level.
Ninja can heal his power by picking medkit/health.
Find " 5 Star " to open the door so Ninja can clear the stage.
Note: If Ninja is "game over" , you need to play from the Start.

Features :
- Smooth Control
- Easy to play and will harder every level/stages.
- Music, Sound, Button audio added. (toggle on/off)
- Superb and amazing soundtrack by TeknoAXE. (every level/stage have a different background music)
- How to play, Level selection, 5 stages including Boss stage
- Final / Ending Credits show.
- 5 different enemy, The Idle, The Chaser/Killer, The Boomer, The Thrower and Boss.

- Maybe this game have some bug. Please let me know.
- Best gameplay with Dual Core and later version
- Some issue gameplay running in lower proccesor.
What tester say about this games:
" Amazing, love the character and the enemy, but need more enemy next update "
" woww, it's new ninja games. I like this game, but you need more level next update "
" it's okay, you need more level , of course, it's a hard games. "
" more level please "
" something wrong with level selection after quit the games, fix it! but it's okay :) "
" ninja games, I love it. but ninja must have a sword/katana to kill enemy "
" where's the blade for this ninja?? only shooting ? put blade next time "
" I don't know how to kill the boss, after trying many time now I know how to kill the boss :) "
" aargghhh!!!!!! more level "
" more level pleaseeeee "
" lucky, it's was free lol :) "
Here's the from Ninja Kid game Dev:
" I will put and update enemy also add more level "
" Maybe this ninja was missing his blade, or maybe the enemy has stolen the ninja blade :) "
" thanks for the tester, and I will make this game better and better next time "

Title: Ninja Kid / Ninja Boy
game engine: Construct 2 (HTML5 games)
Powered by Ludei

Ninja Kid game by Sunshine-GameStudio 2014
by SunshineStudio 2013-2015
made in Malaysia.


You need to help this sleepy panda to find the red candy in his journey to continue to the next adventure.
In this lite version, you will play in 5 stage. Panda like green candy, 
but be careful with purple and pink candy.

The purple candy will decrease panda energy, the pink candy will make panda moving slow even panda
energy was increase a bit. There's no enemy in any stage, the only obstacle is panda energy will running out
if panda not take the green candy. Have a nice journey and help panda to find the red candy.
Remember, do not let panda sleeping. You'll need to play from beginning.

- Walking, Running, Landing (sound added)
- Smooth control
- Background music
- 5 stages ( lite version )
- No score just play to finish the games.
- no auto Save ( touch the sleeping panda in menu screen to load your save games )

Title: Panda 2014 - " Candy Rush " lite.
game engine: Construct 2 (HTML5 games)
Powered by Ludei



In this demo game, you need to walk and riding the bike to reach the
checkpoint. This is only demo game and still have bug/problem.

Your bike has a problem where your bike is not quite stable and you have to
bring your bike to the finish line. You have to face some obstacles so that you
can pass to the next trip.

This game based on the game riding a bike, walking, physics, puzzles, and interact
with some objects also this game are still in the demo, so there are some problems
that have not been fully corrected and this game will be available for the full version
soon after the update is done.

This game based on physics, riding bike, platform games plus puzzle.

Title: Bike Run - Demo
game engine: Construct 2 (HTML5 games)
Powered by Ludei


This game only for demo to show what Construct 2 can do.
Full version will available soon.

Title: Unfinished - Demo
game engine: Construct 2 (HTML5 games)
Powered by Ludei

Monday, 5 May 2014

Construct 2 Malaysia

About Construct 2
Construct 2 is an HTML5 game engine from Scirra. Construct 2 required no programming experience to make games, but Scirra offers a fully documented JavaScript SDK that allows people to extend Construct 2's capabilities.
Free Edition
Construct 2 has a free edition available for anyone to use (including educational institutions). However, it also has a few limits built into it than can only be unlocked by upgrading to the paid edition.

Kepada yang berminat untuk menghasilkan aplikasi untuk smartphone Android / IOS ,
anda boleh menggunakan perisian Construct 2 yang dihasilkan oleh Scirra.
Sekiranya anda seorang developer android yang ingin mempublish aplikasi/games kedalam
Google Play Store tetapi anda tidak mempunyai akaun tersebut, anda boleh menghubungi 
saya. Anda boleh hantar mesej didalam blog ini.